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Iran and Azerbaijan to launch Nakhichevan – Mashhad passenger train

As reported by the Public Relations of RAI, Mr. Mousavi – Deputy-President, Passenger Affairs stating this train will be launched by presence of the high-ranking authorities from Iran and Azerbaijan, explained that this train is planned to run from Nakhichevan railway station on Thursday, 29 Dec. 2016, at 10:30, local time in Iran.

He went on to say that the total length of the route from Nakhichevan to Mashhad is 1858 km, and mentioned that the ticket price is 40 CHF, equal to 158000 Tooman, and the coaches belong to Azerbaijan.

He added that for the moment this train is estimated to run once or twice a week, which in case of increased demand, the number of train running will be increased.

Mr. Mousavi reiterated that since most of the passengers are from Nakhichevan, ticket preselling has been started from today, while they are sold on-line in Tehran and Tabriz as well.

“The train will start running from Jolfa, which after passing through Tabriz, Zanjan, and Shahroud it arrives in Mashhad”, Mr. Mousavi said.

He also mentioned that the Nakhichevan – Mashhad passenger train will depart from Mashhad to Nakhichevan on Monday, 02 Jan. 2017. This train has 4-seat compartments.

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